Kid City!



We have trained Dream Teamers that love making Sunday experiences for kids absolutely fun. We strive to make sure that your Kids are happy to return every single Sunday!

Whether it’s through music, dance, games, or art, your children will have tangible experiences that they can enjoy.

They also learn the Bible stories in ways that they can understand and apply.


Every Dream Team member that serves at Kid City is trained to provide a safe environment for your children. They have also gone through extensive background checks to give you peace of mind. We take your children’s security seriously that our check-in and check-out process is assures us that we know exactly who is picking up your kids. As much fun as we like to have, in this area, we don’t play games.




Our Kid City Dream Team is also passionate about coming alongside of you to reinforce positive self-image. We believe each child is precious in the eyes of God and created with purpose. We seek to provide times of prayer and songs so that all the children will not forget the Lord as they get older.

One of our most significant moments every Sunday is when we pray for whatever a child deems prayer-worthy. We don’t discourage a child’s approach to God. We seek to empower our kids with the truth that they are special, creative, wonderfully-made, and important to God.


We Love Families!