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A Study of Matthew 5-7 (The Sermon on the Mount)

As word spread of Jesus’ teachings, His proclamation of the gospel, and His healing power over sickness and afflictions, crowds from all over the region started to follow Him. It was then that Jesus gave what is arguably His most famous teaching,

The Sermon on the Mount, where He touches on subjects such as murder, adultery, divorce, prayer and judging others.

Going deeper than just behavior modification, Jesus focuses on the heart, caring about the CORE of who people are.

The Sermon on the Mount was not a self-help guide on how to live but rather a Sermon meant to expose the hearts of people and continually point them back to their need of a Savior.

The Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-12 - Noemi Chavez

Salt, Light, & Law - Matthew 5:13-26 - Joseph Cruz

Joshua Chavez